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Sanchez-Vega Communications empowers bilinguals and organizations to have effective
dual language communications.


About Us

Sanchez-Vega Communications
is your
language access services, interpreter training, and
career coaching for


We also provide translations in multiple languages, administer bilingual staff language proficiency assessments, New American community engagement services, and partner with organizations that understand the multiplying ROI of monetizing bilingualism.

Why Work with Us?


Fabian Bedne
Senior Manager
unity Development
Metro Nashville Government
Mayor's Office

“Sanchez-Vega Communications provides professional translation services with high quality and accountability in multiple languages.

They are prompt, responsive, and always fulfill their commitments with integrity."

Jessica Rodriguez
Career Coachee

“Career coaching with
Sanchez-Vega Communications was transformational. It empowered me understand the immense value of my bilingualism. At first, I was skeptical to pay a fee for career coaching, as in the past I had had poor experiences. But I can now confidently say that the 'Monetize Bilingualism' Career Coaching Boot Camp is different because it is designed to meet you where you are at in your career path, tailoring the service to your current needs."

Eduardo Montes

Qualified Community Interpreter Trainee

"There is no Qualified Community Interpreter training like what you get at Sanchez-Vega Communications. Period. You graduate with a robust  knowledge and immediately transferable skills in the workplace. I got hired within 2 weeks of completing the training!"

Contact Us

We have three ways for you to reach us to let us know how we can make bright connections happen for you and/or your organization:

1) connect AT sanchez-vega DOT net
2) 6 1 5 - 5 8 5 - 9 8 8 4 (talk/text)

3) By completing the form below:

Thanks for submitting!

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