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Effective Comunicator

Sanchez-Vega Communications is a dynamic and multi-faceted communications vehicle that guides and trains those seeking to become effective communicators in any setting.

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Bilingual/Multilingual Staff Training

We qualify bilingual/multilingual staff for interpretation tasks within organizations as ad hoc and dual role interpreters.

Speaking Engagements

We deliver interactive and thought-provoking presentations to groups of all sizes including corporations, government agencies, and professional associations.

Career Coaching

We coach bilingual and multilingual individuals to create a solid job-hunting toolkit, empowering them to apply for jobs that value dual-language proficiency.

Diologue Circles

We coordinate and facilitate these 2-hour weekly gatherings, over two months, of 6 to 8 individuals who come together to honestly discuss sensitive issues.

Community Classes

We teach introductory, continuing education, and certification preparation classes for all levels of community and healthcare interpreters.

Interpretation & Translation

We provide on-site and remote Spanish/English consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for most types of settings.

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Why work with us?

A twice US nationally certified medical interpreter, Diana holds a Master of Arts in Psychological Studies, having previously completed her Bachelor’s of Science in International Business in Argentina. She is also versed in Portuguese and French.

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What People Are Saying

“Diana lives and breathes language … she understands the importance of nuances in the verbal, written and body language, and she doesn’t skip a beat, all while remaining kind and professional. Hire her, and see for yourself!” ~ Chester S., Attorney-at-law

Chester S.


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