Career Coaching Boot Camp

Career Coaching Boot Camp
For Bilingual and Multilingual Individuals

Day/Evening appointments 7 days a week (scheduled individually)

>> Are you aware that your language skills can place you ahead of other job applicants but need some guidance on how to effectively highlight them?
>> Have you submitted your resume over and over again and just don’t get called back?
>> Do you leave interviews feeling you aced them and then find out you didn’t get the job?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then this Career Coaching Boot Camp is for you!



  • 6 hours of professional career coaching split in 4 weekly 1.5 hour sessions

  • Plus 2 hours of resume building/editing by a professional Career Coach

  • One-on-one or two-people sessions

  • Topics: career goal setting, resume and cover letter writing, interview strategies and practice interviews

  • Day/evening appointments available 7-days a week

  • Scheduled individually

Pricing for the full 8-hour Career Coaching Boot Camp:

  • $500.00 for one-on-one sessions

  • $300.00 per person for two-people sessions

  • 20% OFF for Sanchez-Vega Communications current students and alumni

  • Payment in two installments or 10% discount for full, one-time payment

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and land a job that values and monetizes your bilingual / multilingual skills!

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