Career Coaching

At Sanchez-Vega Communications, career coaching begins with the understanding of acculturation.


Acculturation is the process that happens when groups of individuals from different cultures experience frequent interpersonal contact – by choice or otherwise - resulting in changes to the established cultures of one or both groups. In today’s global world, this dynamic is almost inevitable.


For those who have moved to the US from other places, acculturating to an “all-new” home can be stressful, emotionally challenging, and physically exhausting. Still, the daily process of living continues, and embracing the awareness of acculturating diminishes the intensity of the transition.


At Sanchez-Vega Communications we support and coach bilingual and multilingual individuals through the process of acculturation. We have found career coaching results in a less stressful and less lonely journey.


Whether you have recently arrived to the US, or whether you have lived here for a long time, you possibly understand the challenges involved in acculturating to a new environment. Allow us to guide you and empower you through this journey to reach your full potential and discover all that you can do and achieve.

main areas covered in our career coaching sessions include:


  • Setting expectations (needs and wants)

  • Goal setting in life and work

  • Strategies for prioritizing actions and tasks

  • Job search skills: resume writing and interview strategies

  • Communicating the value of your bilingual skills

If you are ready for positive changes in your career and need help and support to do this, please: 


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