Healthcare & Education
Interpreter Training

Healthcare & Education Interpreter Training
Language Neutral

2021 Summer - Saturdays, 06/12/21 to 08/14/21  --  8:00 AM to 2:30 PM Central Standard Time

Instructor-led, Delivered LIVE via ZOOM
***Space is limited***

There are two parts to the cost of this training:

Part 1: Language Proficiency Assessment - fee is non-refundable ($60.00 or $80.00, depending on amount of languages)
All training applicants must take a language proficiency assessment, and score 80% or higher to be eligible to register for the training

Part 2: Training Fee, includes all session materials and training manual:

Option A:    Regular Fee > $800.00, payable in 3 installments:
                        1) $400.00 at registration
                        2) $200.00 by 11:59 PM CST on Friday, 06/18/2021 (week 2)
                        3) $200.00 by 11:59 PM CST on Friday, 06/25/2021 (week 3)

Option B:    15% Off > $680.00, for full, one-time payment at registration

Option C:    20% Off > $640.00, for SVC alumni and current students, payable in two installments:
                        1) $320.00 at registration
                        2) $320.00 by 11:59 PM CST on Friday, 06/25/2021 (week 3)


Option D:    30% Off > $560.00, for staff and/or members of partner organizations - please inquire if your 
                         organization is one of our current partners (full, one-time payment at registration, and proof of
                        affiliation to organization required)

Training Overview

  • Description: this language neutral 64-hour training is designed to prepare bilingual individuals as qualified medical/healthcare interpreters as required by federal healthcare regulations. It also fulfills the 40-hour training component for those interested in pursuing national medical/healthcare interpreter certification. This training covers all topics under the knowledge areas tested in both current national medical/healthcare certification written exams, and provides hands-on training sessions to practice interpretation modes and skills for the oral portion of those national exams.

  • Additionally: this training covers topics and skills related to interpreting in educational and community settings (community centers, construction, hospitality organizations, insurance, schools, social services encounters, etc.) to prepare the student for those types of sessions.

  • Language Neutral Training: this training is taught in English with language-specific practice throughout.

  • Bonus: for those who successfully complete the training, the training fee includes a 90-minute one-on-one career coaching session within 2 to 3 weeks after the end of the training, to guide students in their career path.

  • Set-Up Requirements: synchronous online learning mimics an on-site learning environment, where only those participating of the learning process are the ones in a “brick-and-mortar” room – and not others. Therefore, during training sessions, students must keep their camera open at all times (except during breaks), and must be sitting comfortably at a table, desk, or counter (not on a couch, on the bed, on the floor, etc.), in front of their device and away from distractions (noises, images, other people, etc.). Students are not allowed to attend sessions while in transit, in a moving vehicle, and/or while they are engaged in any other activity besides the training sessions.

  • Tech Requirements: synchronous online learning requires regular access to a dedicated and reliable desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with video and audio capabilities, in addition to access to a reliable smartphone. The minimum stable Internet connection broadband requirement is 768 kbps, to ensure quality sound and audio. It is recommended that, during training sessions, streaming by other parties on the same Wi-Fi/hardwired connection be avoided to promote clear, uninterrupted streaming of training sessions.


Who Should Enroll

  • Bilingual individuals seeking employment/contract work in healthcare, education, hospitality, insurance, and social services settings, among others

  • Staff and professionals working in construction, healthcare, schools, hospitality organizations, insurance, social services, etc., frequently called upon to interpret, but without training to do so

  • And: anyone who, whether they have experience or not, wishes to pursue interpreter training as a documented skill to their resume, and/or wishes to pursue a career in interpreting in any of the settings detailed above


Training applicants must fulfill all of the following requisites:

  1. Be at least 18 years of age. Acceptable proofs of age are a driver’s license, a birth certificate, or a passport.

  2. Submit proof of completion of high school, GED/HiSET, or higher education.

  3. Pass the language proficiency assessments in English and at least one other language (details below) with a score of at least 80% for each assessment. Skills assessed include: basic grammar, everyday vocabulary, speaking, and listening and reading comprehension.

Mandatory Orientation
All those enrolled in the training must attend a mandatory 2-hour orientation delivered in advance of the first training session. Dates and times for orientation sessions vary and will be shared with training applicants upon registration.

Training Affidavit of Successful Completion
This is an active-participant, grade-based training. In order to successfully complete this training, and receive the corresponding Affidavit of Successful Completion (one of the documents needed to apply for certification) students MUST fulfill all items below:


  1. Obtain an average score of at least 75 % (based on three graded training items)

  2. Meet the attendance requirement, as follows:

    • 85% attendance (at least 14 of 16 training sessions), although 100% class attendance is highly encouraged

    • For each missed training session, submit a make-up assignment in addition to getting caught up with session work and homework, as detailed in the class syllabus

  3. Abide by all Sanchez-Vega Communications, LLC's, Training Policies, including the Policy of Conduct

  4. Do their advance reading for each training session (weekly advance readings average between 8 and 12 pages with medium-sized font and images)

  5. Actively participate in training sessions and engage with peers as they build community


Training Application and Registration

Step 1: Language Proficiency Assessment

>> Please complete this form fully:

Upload Diploma/GED/HiSET

Supported files to upload:
.jpg, .png, .tiff

15 MB maximum size

>> Choose your Language Proficiency Assessment Combination:

Combo A > $60.00: for English and one other language from the list below (choose language):

Click the submit button below to complete your request and we will send you a payment link within the next 24 hours with assessment scheduling dates/times.

Thank you for your submission!

Combo B > $80.00: for English and two other languages from the list above

Step 2: Training Registration

ONLY for applicants who pass the language proficiency assessment with a score of at least 80%.
Please read carefully the information below, and complete the corresponding fields when prompted.

Sanchez-Vega Communications, LLC's Policies
Please read carefully each of the policies below, and feel free to ask questions as needed.

1. Policy of Conduct
This training is designed for the adult student. As mentioned above, students are expected to do their advanced readings prior to attending each session (weekly readings average between 8 and 12 pages), study, and prepare for their graded training items, and actively participate and engage in training activities to maximize their learning experience and their investment.

Sanchez-Vega Communications, LLC, the training organizer, has zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior whether in training sessions or as a result of online/phone/video interactions with training participants and/or instructors. Examples of disrespectful behavior include: bullying; cheating; plagiarism; performing any of the following actions during training sessions: engaging with others who are not participating of training sessions, listening to/reading/web browsing material unrelated to training sessions; engaging in hostile and/or denigrating speech towards a peer and/or an instructor; monopolizing training session discussions; and, failure to turn in assignments on time, among others.

Academic integrity is expected at all times. We reserve the right of admission and participation at all times, from registration to the final training session. Additionally, even though an individual pays for this training, they have to earn the Affidavit of Successful Completion. This affidavit is awarded, not bought.

2. Reschedule Policy
If one or more training sessions need to be rescheduled due to inclement weather or other extenuating circumstances, the training organizer will work with students to make-up each session at mutually agreeable dates/times.

3. Refund Policy
Payments made towards training fees will be refunded as follows:
> Up to 14 days before the start of training: 100% refund of payment
> Between 14 days and 7 days before the start of training: 80% refund of payment
> No refunds after 7 days or less before the start of training, or if a student, for any reason, is removed or withdraws from a training which has already started.

If a student has to withdraw from the training due to illness, verification will be requested by the training organizer of how the severity of the condition (diagnosis not required) affects the student’s ability to attend training or the risk posed to others in the training, to assess the student’s eligibility for a credit towards a future training fee. Verification must be provided in the form of a letter, typed on official letterhead, from their primary care provider or a specialist physician (none of them can be the student’s employer), detailing the reasons why the student is being recommended to withdraw from the training. The primary care provider or specialist physician must sign this letter, and either hand deliver it, or mail it to an address to be provided by the training organizer, in a sealed envelope. Emails or unsigned letters on plain stationary are not acceptable for the verification requested.

Payment Instructions:

(1) Select an option:

(3) Click the submit button below

PLEASE NOTE: your registration is NOT final until your payment has been finalized, and you have been contacted by the training organizer that your spot in training is confirmed.

Thank you for your submission!