Consecutive Interpreting Intervention Skills:
Where, When, and How to Intervene
***Arabic & Spanish Language-Specific***

TWO-SESSION Engagement
Saturdays, 05/22/21 & 06/05/21

3:00 to 5:30 PM US Central Standard Time
Live, via Zoom - Space is limited
Approved for 4.75 CCHI and 0.475 IMIA CEUS

About this Webshop
Whether you are an education, healthcare, or legal interpreter, consecutive interpreting can oftentimes require interpreter interventions to clarify, perform cultural brokering or situational control, or even to advocate for one or more parties. But you know it: interventions can go well, great, or badly - sometimes really badly. When the latter happens, we can become gun-shy and avoid intervening all together, even when it is truly needed.
This webshop will orient participants on where, when, and how to intervene, by reviewing tried-and-true techniques, and putting them into practice during hands-on simulations.

Details and Requirements to Participate
> Target Audience: interpreters with experience in consecutive interpreting, with an upper intermediate and above skill level.

> Must Attend BOTH Sessions: session 2 builds on work done in session 1; full attendance to both sessions needed to obtain proof of attendance to submit for CEU validation.

> Set-Up Requirements and Attendance Manner: synchronous online learning mimics an on-site learning environment, where only those participating of the learning process are the ones in a “brick-and-mortar” room – and not others. Therefore, during this webshop, participants must keep their camera open at all times (except during breaks), and must be sitting comfortably at a table, desk, or counter (not on a couch, on a bed, on the floor, etc.), in front of their device, and away from distractions (noises, images, other people, etc.). Participants are not allowed to attend sessions while in transit, in a moving vehicle, and/or while they are engaged in any other activity besides the webshop.


> Tech Requirements: attendance to webshop must be from a dedicated and reliable desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with video and audio capabilities, and not from a smartphone. The minimum stable Internet connection broadband requirement is 768 kbps to ensure quality sound and audio. It is recommended that, during the webshop, streaming by other parties on the same Wi-Fi/hardwired connection be avoided to promote clear, uninterrupted streaming of the webshop. Please don't forget to charge your device and/or to have a charger on hand!

> Regular Price: $75.00
> Discounted Price (with PROMO CODE): $60.00, for Sanchez-Vega Communications, LLC's, alumni and current training participants


> Deadline: Friday, 05/21/21, at 6:00 PM US Central Standard Time.

> Please click the link below to register: