Diana Sanchez-Vega (aka Diana C. Holland) is a Spanish interpreter and translator, and a bilingual employee trainer. She is the Owner of Sanchez-Vega Communications (SVC) based in Nashville, TN, where Diana and her team make bright connections happen. SVC facilitates interactions and learning processes to empower individuals and organizations towards more profitable and effective communications.

Diana holds a Master of Arts in Psychological Studies, having previously completed her Bachelor’s of Science in International Business in Argentina. She is also versed in Portuguese and French.

A twice nationally certified Spanish medical interpreter, Diana has interpreted in healthcare since 2007, and regularly trains beginner, intermediate and advanced medical interpreters, as well as other members of healthcare teams.

Diana’s early life experience with mentors and teachers has empowered her towards a belief in transformation through interpersonal communication. When asked what drives her passion, she says, “The courage I developed through my early learning process with my mentors empowered me to persevere and engage in a partnership to build strategy. That experience enabled me to produce results for myself. I now integrate that knowledge to brighten the connections for my clients”.


Raised in the duality of the Anglo-Argentine environment, Diana learned at an early age how to navigate between two cultures, two belief systems, and two social classes, developing a deep understanding of the subtleties of translation and biculturalism. Once in the US, Diana immersed herself in a true process of acculturation by engaging with the communities where she lived. Her work as a volunteer and as an employee propelled Diana in 2003 to establish her successful business, where she dials up the brightness to guide her clients away from the pitfalls of getting “lost in translation”.


When not making bright connections happen, Diana enjoys meditative coloring, planter gardening, and going out on the town with friends to discover the wonders of the eclectic Nashville, her home in the US.

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