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Bilingualism &
Language Access Expert 

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Meet Diana Sanchez-Vega 

In a world where language and culture often create divides, Diana Sanchez-Vega stands as a catalyst for connection and empowerment.

Growing up bilingual and bicultural in Argentina, Diana has always lived 'in the hyphen,' navigating between two rich languages and cultures. Her message is clear: recognize the high value of bilingualism, and embrace the growing need to connect in an increasingly globalized world.

Diana is a sought-after presenter. Her dynamic and authentic speaking style captivates audiences as she draws from personal experiences connecting the human condition to the world of business with an unforgettable ‘A-ha moment!’ approach.

As a referable speaker, Diana says that “making bright connections happen is what it’s all about!”


When not working, Diana volunteers with causes close to her heart, engages in new arts and crafts, and, with others, explores the eclectic Nashville, TN, her home away from home.

Signature Topics:

  • Addressing Language Equity: How to Recruit and Retain Bilingual Staff

  • Bilingualism ROI: What to Know and How To Grow

  • Why Monetizing the Value of Bilingualism Saves Money ... and Lives

  • Cultural Humility: Beyond Cultural Competence


  • Named 'Woman of Influence' by the Nashville Business Journal
  • 'Spirit in Entrepreneurship' Award from the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • 'Spreading The Table's Mission to Others' Award, The Table Nashville

Take a Sneak-Peak at Diana’s Speaking


Diana cares and doesn’t hold back. I don’t know how to explain this, but the tone of her voice fills the room, and you HAVE to listen. My colleagues said it was ‘a treat’ to experience Diana’s presentation on bilingualism. As a monolingual, I say it is a MUST!”

Corey T.
Human Resources Specialist

I liked it. It kept me thinking for a week, and it gave me the courage to ask questions I would otherwise not have asked. I need to go back and watch the recording. She knows her stuff. Thank you.

Katy S.
Life Coach

I loved Diana’s seminar on language access! It helped me understand what language access is which is important for my work because we serve a lot of people that don’t speak English. Diana made it simple, with no fluff, but lots of laughter regardless!


Matru K.
Client Support Specialist

So, at first, I was a bit skeptic when they announced that the speaker for our meeting was going to talk about language access. I figured it doesn’t pertain to all of us. After listening to Diana, and having the opportunity to ask questions, I am convinced language access affects all of us. Thank you!

Martin T.
Accounting Specialist

Diana's speaking engagement was a resounding success! Our staff has been asking about getting Diana back to present to us. She has this remarkable way of engaging her audience where it feels like you are hearing from someone you’ve known for a long time. Diana addresses the white elephant in the room, one piece at a time. Excellent!

Franz W.

Authentic, authentic, authentic! She says it how she sees it. She elevates the audience’s attention, and interacts with them flawlessly. She's an inspiration!


Lilian V.
Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur

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