Bilingual/Multilingual Staff Training. We qualify bilingual/multilingual staff for interpretation tasks within organizations as ad hoc and dual role interpreters, tailoring the trainings within the scope of the organization’s unique values, policies, and procedures. Classes can be structured as 2-hour, 4-hour or 8-hour sessions.


Speaking Engagements. We deliver interactive and thought-provoking presentations to groups of all sizes including corporations, government agencies, nonprofit groups, and professional associations. Our focus is directed at sharing the value of effective cross-cultural communication and promoting the benefit of monetizing bilingualism to positively transform business revenue.

Career Coaching for Bilingual & Multilingual Individuals. We coach and guide bilingual and multilingual individuals to create a solid job-hunting toolkit, empowering them to apply for jobs that value dual/multi-language proficiency and multiculturalism, as well as academic and technical skills.

Community Classes. We teach Introductory, Continuing Education, and Certification Preparation classes for novice, intermediate, and advanced community and healthcare interpreters.

Interpretation & Translation. We provide on-site and remote Spanish/English consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for most types of settings, including conference, education, human resources meetings/trainings, legal (except court), medical, research, social services, tourism, and workers’ compensation. We also provide Spanish/English translations of all types of documents and digital communications for any industry including education, legal, marketing, medical, and technical.

Voiceover. We provide Spanish and/or English recordings of all types of voiceovers, including TV, radio and online commercials, employee training, e-learning, and telephone prompts. Additionally, we are available for in-studio (on-site or remote) Spanish talent coaching during recording sessions.


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