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Our Services

Language Access

Career Coaching and Training

  • Career Coaching for Bilinguals: our ‘Monetize Bilingualism’ program assists individuals in the creation of a relevant job-hunting toolkit, and provides advice on strategies to leverage language skills in the workplace.

  • Bilingual Staff Compliance Training: we deliver interpretation skills training to healthcare organizations and K-12 schools to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

  • Interpreter Coaching and Training: we train novice, intermediate, and advanced interpreters in the art of interpretation in healthcare and K-12 schools, and also prep qualified healthcare interpreters for national certification exams.


Language Access Services

  • Audio Prompts & Voiceovers: we provide finalized and mastered audio recordings in multiple languages for phone prompts, employee training, e-learning, live events, and more.

  • Professional Development & Speaking Engagements: whether in partnership with trade associations, or contracted by a business, we provide interactive presentations to groups of all sizes. Popular topics include cultural humility, federal language access regulations, and how to effectively work with an interpreter.

  • Interpretation: we deliver on-site and remote interpretation for most types of industries, including conference, construction, education, finances, healthcare, hospitality, human resources, research, social services, tourism, and workers’ compensation.

  • Language Access Consulting: we audit current language access directives, plans, and procedures, and provide guidance on developing a budget-friendly and sustainable infrastructure to ensure compliance with language access regulations.

  • Language Proficiency Assessments: we screen individuals and staff for language proficiency skills using our evidence-based assessment tool, which is based on the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale.

  • Translation and Editing/Proofing Services: we deliver original translations in multiple languages, and edit/proof machine-generated translations of all types of documents and digital communications for most industries.


Special Offeings
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