Interpretation: Spanish<>English consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, as well as sight translation in all types of settings, such as: conference, education, legal (except court), medical, social services, workers’ comp. Community/Medical Certifications: CMI and CHITM.

Translation: Spanish<>English translations of all kinds of documents, including legal, marketing collaterals, medical, technical, etc.

Medical Interpreter Training: continuing education classes and workshops (on-site and remote), 40-hour medical interpreter certification prep class, and the Healthcare Interpreter Coach Training (HICTSM).

Community Outreach, Public Relations & Spokesmanship: broadcasting a client’s message (for products, services, and initiatives) to their intended audiences to build and grow long lasting relationships and a loyal following.

Bilingual Employee Training: qualifying bilingual employees for interpretation tasks, customer service training for multicultural staff as well as cross-cultural training for all levels of an organization.

Voiceover: on- or off-site recording, of telephone prompts, commercials, employee training, or any other needs in Spanish and English.

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