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1-on-1 Coaching Agreement for
Oral Exam Prep
for CCHI and NBCMI Certification

Please read the form below carefully, complete it fully, and click the submit button to proceed to payment instructions:

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1-on-1 Coaching Exam Prep Description

This coaching is designed ONLY for the novice or experienced healthcare interpreter who has passed the written portion of either the CCHI or NBCMI certification exam.


Discussions during sessions are conducted in English and simulations (practice role-plays) are language specific (combination of English and other languages). Sessions include: a review of the structure of the oral portion of the certification exam; guidance on how to get organized to study; strategies to approach prompts to interpret; live simulation practice scenarios; opportunities to get answers to questions/concerns; and, a chance to team up with others to study and succeed in the oral portion of the certification exam.

IMPORTANT: as exam prep coaching, coachees are expected to devote between 6 and 8 hours of weekly independent study between sessions, in addition to the 1-hour coaching session. Activities of independent study will be assigned as weekly homework, and include items such as organizing study material, researching missing study material (or supplementing current study material), and performing productive reading.

Please note: while some material is provided in the sessions as practice, participants should use their own materials from their prerequisite (40-hour or similar training) for independent study in between sessions.

Please initial below:

Requirements and Policies
Synchronous online learning mimics an on-site learning environment, where only those participating of the learning process are the ones in a “brick-and-mortar” room – and not others –, and where civility, respect, and compliance with training requirements and policies are observed at all times.

1) Set-Up and Tech Requirements
Please initial below next to each item acknowledging you have read and understand the expectations that exam prep course participants must fulfill during coaching session:

(2) Policies

a) Policy of Conduct:

b) Good Standing Policy:

i) Abide by the Policy of Conduct detailed above.

ii) Attend all 7 coaching sessions at the dates/times agreed upon and confirmed with the instructor. See Scheduling below for scheduling.

iii) If needed, and agreed upon, individual additional sessions may be scheduled at $75.00 per session. Payment for these individual sessions must be made no later than 48 hours in advance of the date/time requested for the session. Failure to submit timely payment will result in the requested date/time to be released for other purposes, and a new date/time will have to be set.


c) Recording:

d) Scheduling Policy:

e) Rescheduling Policy:

f) Refund Policy:

If a coachee has to withdraw from the coaching engagement due to illness, verification will be requested by the coaching engagement organizer of how the severity of the condition (diagnosis not required) affects the coachee’s ability to attend coaching sessions, to assess the coachee’s eligibility for a credit towards a future coaching engagement. Verification must be provided in the form of a letter, typed on official letterhead, from the coachee’s primary care provider or a specialist physician (none of them can be the coachee’s employer), detailing the reason(s) why the coachee is being recommended to withdraw from the coaching engagement. The primary care provider or specialist physician must sign this letter, and either hand deliver it, or mail it to an address to be provided by Sanchez-Vega Communications, LLC, the coaching engagement organizer, in a sealed envelope. Emails or unsigned letters on plain stationary are not acceptable for the verification requested.

NOTE: Please use your finger/mouse/track pad to sign (don't type in your name).

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