Photo for Class Instructor-Led Study Gro

2023 Winter-Spring
Instructor-led Study Group
for CCHI and NBCMI Certification
(Language Neutral in English)

02/16/23 to 04/20/23
6:30 to 9:00 PM Central Standard Time

10 LIVE Remote sessions
Instructor-led, via ZOOM
***Space is limited***

> Have you taken a 40-hour type training and need some guidance to prepare for the medical/healthcare interpreter certification written portion of the exam?

> Do you know you can do it but just need some structure and motivation to prepare to sit for the written exam?


If you answered yes to either or both of the above questions, then this class is for you!


Sessions include:

  • An overview of the exam and topics

  • 9 practice tests

  • Guidance on how to approach questions, how to get organized, and how to study

  • Opportunities to get answers to questions/concerns

  • A chance to team up with others to study and succeed in the written exam!

Please note: while some material is provided in the sessions as practice, participants should use their own materials for independent study in between sessions.

Submit proof of successful completion of 40-hour training (or similar).

Set-Up Requirements
Synchronous online learning mimics an on-site learning environment, where only those participating of the learning process are the ones in a “brick-and-mortar” room – and not others. Therefore, during study group sessions, participants must keep their camera open at all times (except during breaks), and must be sitting comfortably at a table, desk, or counter (not on a couch, on the bed, on the floor, etc.), in front of their device and away from distractions (noises, images, other people, etc.). Participants are not allowed to attend sessions while in transit, in a moving vehicle, and/or while they are engaged in any other activity besides the study group session.


Tech Requirements

Synchronous online learning requires regular access to a dedicated and reliable desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with video and audio capabilities, in addition to access to a reliable smartphone. The minimum stable Internet connection broadband requirement is 768 kbps or higher, to ensure quality sound and video. It is recommended that, during study group sessions, streaming by other parties on the same Wi-Fi/hardwired connection be avoided to promote clear, uninterrupted streaming of study group sessions.



Option A:  
Regular Fee = $500.00, payable in 2 installments:

  1. $300.00 at registration

  2. $200.00 by 11:59 PM CST on Tuesday, 03/02/2023 (week 3)

Option B:
With 15% Off = $425.00

> Full, one-time payment required at registration

Option C:
With 20% Off = $400.00

For Sanchez-Vega Communications, LLC, alumni, current training participants, as well as partner organization referrals
> Full, one-time payment required at registration


For more information and to register, please contact Diana Sanchez-Vega at:


Talk/Text: six one five-FIVE EIGHT FIVE-9884