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For Organizations

Latino & New American Strategic Communications


We act as your one-stop, multi-disciplinary communication channel to deliver your organization’s message to Latino and other New American communities, and then assist with solidifying a dialogue to build long-lasting engagement.

Translation & Editing/Proofing Services


We deliver original translations in multiple languages, and edit/proof machine-generated translations of all types of documents and digital communications for most industries

Services for Organizations
Services for Organizations

Community Engagement


We partner with organizations to liaise them with communities to deepen their relationships and foster equity and trust in their interactions. Our focus are communities that have traditionally been undeserved, and underrepresented.

Language Proficiency Assessments


We screen individuals and staff for language proficiency skills using our evidence-based assessment tool, which is based on the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale.

Services for Organizations
Services for Organizations

Bilingual Staff Compliance Training


We deliver interpretation skills training to bilingual staff in all industries, including construction, education, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing, to ensure compliance with federal regulations.

& Professional Development


Whether in partnership with trade associations, or contracted by a business, we provide interactive presentations to groups of all sizes. Popular topics include cultural humility, federal language access regulations, and how to effectively work with an interpreter.

Services for Organizations
Services for Organizations

Language Access Consulting


We audit current language access directives, plans, and procedures, and provide guidance on developing a budget-friendly and sustainable infrastructure to ensure compliance with language access regulations.

Audio Prompts & Voiceovers


We provide finalized and mastered audio recordings in multiple languages for phone prompts, employee training, e-learning, live events, and more.

Services for Organizations
Services for Organizations



We deliver on-site and remote interpretation for most types of industries, including conference, construction, education, finances, healthcare, hospitality, human resources, research, social services, tourism, and workers’ compensation.

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